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Let's Spread the Game - Not Invasives

A game for kaitiakitanga

We want to empower the swimmers, boaties, divers, beach walkers, fisher people and water crafters to look around and learn about the moana.

After all they are the every day scientists!

We have been played in schools, at festivals and community events, in workshops and libraries.

Our game is all ages, and takes less than 15 minutes!

We need your help to support earlier detection of invasive species, prevent their spread and create a more effective management strategy together

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Te Reo Māori Edition

We are proud to announce a project with Tauranga Moana Biosecurity Capital and House of Science

Marine Invaders is now available in Te Reo Māori

If your school has a House of Science membership - book their Invasion Busters / Ngā Kaiārai Kaiurutomo today

House of Science Resource Kits

Our Mission

Our dream is to stop pest species spreading across New Zealand - and this can only be done with the support of the community

We designed a game to help ocean enthusiasts dive deeper into species identification, and to highlight the impact of invasive species, but also to highlight how we can support native species to thrive

Marine Invaders was created by Elizabeth Copeland (University of Waikato), graphic design by Marika Obst

Upcoming Events

Marine Invaders: Navigating Marine Biosecurity Challenges Through Play

Hosted by The University of Waikato, and Sponsored by TMBC, this event is supported by Seaweek, EnviroHub's Sustainable Backyards and DayBreak Innovation Festival

Get your free tickets below - watch out as spaces are limited

Join us and get a free copy of Marine Invaders

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Marine Invaders has been user-tested in classrooms and at home

"The kids loved how interactive the session was and learnt a lot from your card game"

Intermediate Teacher Ana

“I have used Marine Invaders with primary schools and high schools, in marae-based learning settings, and at home with my own kids. It’s a fantastic, easily portable resource that everyone enjoys! The kids especially appreciate the Aotearoa-NZ focus of the game with great pictures, and they drive lots of interesting discussions during play about species they have seen or heard about, and sometimes they surprise me with their ethical questions on managing native and invasive species. It’s a great way to have fun and drive discussions, and the competitive aspect is a hit with kids (and also adults!)”

Dr Shari Gallop, Scientist and Educator

  • Let's Spread the Game, not Invasives

    As a member of the KiwiNet Emerging Innovator Programme we welcome partnerships and initiatives that have the potential to make a positive difference in the community

  • Who Can We Support?

    Non-for-profits or charities

    Schools, teachers, careers advisors

    Iwi, hapu, marae


    Libraries, learning hubs


    Anyone with a cool idea

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